The People

Bleda – Me. The storyteller of our game (that tries to become better), owner of this proud little blog. 25 years old, studies English Literature at the moment (hopes to be become a writer in the future), used to study Physics for 4 years before literature. Has been involved in roleplaying games in one way or another since he was 8.  Has been storytelling for the past 2 years.

Sarp – My little brother, a clueless person (both in game and outside the game). Highschooler, not particularly good with classes but has a good heart. He wishes to become a lawyer in the future. Used to play a Ventrue (Pete Robbie) that become a NPC later on. Plays a Brujah these days. He is the brawns of the coterie.Has very minor past rolepaying experience.

Kutalp – A common friend of Sarp and me. Another highschooler. He wishes to become a doctor. Our best friend, the most intelligent highschooler I ever had the pleasure of meeting (barring myself ofcourse). Plays a Tremere named Dante these days. Used to play a badass Gangrel named Genghis in a previous chronicle. He is the brains of the coterie. Not a seasoned or veteran player per say but has previous role playing experience.

Cem – Newest addition to our gaming group. A aounger friend of both Kutalp and Sarp. A highschooler that plays sax. The most plainspoken highschooler I’ve ever met. Plays a child Lasombra that goes by the name of Christopher. He is the face of the coterie despite playing a child character. Has the best grasp of the social and political side of Vampire among my players. He is a brand new player with no previous experience.