The NPCs

Biaggio – The Ventrue Prince of Brussels

The Sheriff – Name unkown. Nosferatu. Only referred by his(her?) title. Nosferatu. Gender unknown. Likes to change his/her appearance everytime he meets someone.

Maximillian von Strauss – The Regent of the Tremere Chantry. Transferred from L.A. recently. (in the last 15 years)

Maria – Tremere. Right hand of the Regent.

Thomas – Lasombra. Owner of the Lux, a nightclub that serves supernaturals and mortals alike also serves as a neutral ground for those supernaturals.

Ambrosia – Malkavian. 8-9 year old looking Primogen of local Malkavians. Has red hair and freckles (ie ginger)

Martin Gunther Nikolai Broken Seer of Truth – A deceased Malkavian elder that currently resides in the mind of Dante.

Blade – A mage. Also a mercenary and detective for hire. Prefers to be called “a freelancer”. He is trapped in the Brussels magically, he works for various factions to get himself out.

Arjen – Sire of Pete Robbie, currently missing.

Gabriel – Sire of Arjen, currently looking for his Childe.

Henry – Childhood friend of Christopher, now his ghoul. Looks in his late 40’s or early 50’s.  Also acts like Christopher’s father. Their relationship is complicated to say the least.