The Characters

Pete Robbie – Ventrue. Good for nothing. Killed his academically and intellectually superior twin and lives his (un)life masquerading him. Owns a weapon factory. A smalltime crimelord. Played by Sarp.

Dante – Tremere. Spent most of unlife buried beneath the ruins of his old chantry in Italy. He was dug up and transferred to Italy by Strauss and Maria about 20 years ago. Played by Kutalp.

Christopher – Lasombra. Sabbat defector. Child vampire. Keeps his best childhood friend as his ghoul and apparent father. Traumatic past. Tries to stay out of politics so as not to attract Sabbat notice as his sire is extremely… vindictive. Played by Cem.

Carlos Morelli – Brujah. Another hot-headed biker. Wishes to find employment in the Lux as an enforcer and hopefully climb his way up the social ladder. Played by Sarp.