About the Blog

The purpose of The Pulse of Night is a very simple one. I simply wish to share the joy I have while playing (or storytelling) a game in tabletop (old) World of Darkness (also known as One World of Darkness these days as Paradox purchased the franchise and renamed it). However, first things first.

This blog owes its existence to another blog about World of Darkness, particularly a vampire one (like this blog).

The Vampires of San Francisco

I recommended everyone to visit their page and check it out because it is by far the best vampire blog out there (hopefully this blog will at least prove to be a competition).

Structure of this blog will be similiar to Vampires of San Francisco with minor differences. It will be similiar in that there will be weekly updates about our sessions (as long as we have them) but on top of that  I will be writing about the challenges of being a storyteller. New hooks that I try, strategies that I employ to make my game more enjoyable for my players and my struggle to become a better storyteller.

Occasionally you will even get to hear my opinions about many things related to roleplaying (aka my ravings).

The current game is set in Brussels in modern times. We use the V20 with some features taken from D20 (nerfed celerity, buffed fortitude, a few more minor bits). To make reading easy for the readers, sessions (unless they are particularly juicy) will be divided into parts of approximately 2500 words each.

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