Session 2 – Shit Happens – 02.01.2016

This session was pretty heavily focused on Sarp (Pete Robbie), you will have to read the next session to see what the others did.

Pete Robbie

After the fight I walked towards the street, air smelled of ash and blood. “Filthy Sabbat cockroaches. They can’t even die cleanly.” I said out loud and then pulled my phone out and called Gabriel to let him know that I have completed my task successfully. After appeasing my sire I called the Sheriff and informed him as well. Once I returned, I found Thomas in the process of severing the limbs of our attacker.
About 20 minutes later at most a black van appeared at the entrance of the blind alley we were in. I, and judging from the orb of flame in his hand, Dante were startled by this. Four extremely ordinary looking men got out. This agitated us futher, I was about to shoot one of them when Thomas gestured us in a sharp manner that implied we should calm the fuck down. Apparently these were the Prince’s men.

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