Session 1 – A Busy Night in Brussels – 21.11.15 – Part 2

Part 1 can be found here…

Pete Robbie, just outside the Lux, continued …

I entered the first floor of Lux that served as a pub and went one level up using the elevator to the part of that the club-going youth frequented. Even though I intended to go to the 4th floor I was hungry a bit and I always liked to mix business with pleasure. A particularly pretty blonde by the bar piqued my interest.

[Kutalp and Sarp: WTF is this shit.
Me/Bleda: Actually decent club music?
Kutalp and Sarp: No.
Me/Bleda. Go f*** yourselves.]

The background music was pretty awesome.

[Sarp: You told me that Ventrue can tell if they can feed on someone or not. Can I feed on her? Do I get that vibe?
Me/Bleda: *rolls the dice* Yes you can.
Sarp: In that case I will try to woo her.
Me/Bleda: Sure go ahead, roll the dice.
Sarp: 4 successes.
Me/Bleda: Alright, you rolled fine.]

As soon as I approach the girl who was already intoxicated with alcohol and who knows what else grabbed me by my tie and said “I’ll have you tonight.”

[Me/Bleda: Tell me Mr. Socially Awkward, you have her with your decent dice roll, but what will you actually say to her?]

“Hey, do you by any chance draw/paint well?” I replied with a charming voice.

[Me/Bleda: This is the worst pickup line I have ever heard, this is going to the blog.]

We started making out.

[Me/Bleda: I see you are low on blood, give me a self-control check.
Sarp: I failed.]

I was hungry and I couldn’t stop myself from biting her neck. Ah, the sweet bliss of blood, such a shame I was blacked out shortly afterwards. Last thing I remember is not the bliss but the pain in my back.

I woke up in an office, as the stake sitting comfortably in my chest was removed painfully, facing a  huge and probably too expensive terrace. I’ve heard of this place but never been here myself, the very top floor of the Lux where Thomas lived. I was on my kneels, being held by two brutes. Judging from the stupid look on their faces I assumed they were Brujah. Thomas and Dante were standingin front of me.

“I can’t have you feed on my domain, on my clientele, no matter how stupid they are, can I?” Thomas said.

“Given that we are allies in helping Ambrosia I am willing to turn a blind eye this time. Try not to repeat it.” he continued as he gestured.

The instant he gestured I was let go.

“Please accept my apologies, I had lost … control and failed to think of the consequences.” I said.

“All three of us are together now, that is what matters. While you were on your way Dante and I took the opportunity to collect some personal items left in my club by that ghoul. He says that he can use a ritual to track the ghoul we were about to start. Apparently she is kind of a regular at the ” he said and offered me his hand. I took it and got up.

Dante was looking through a woman’s purse. He pulled a hairbrush out of it, went out to the terrace, crouched and talking in a language I did not undertand. I presume it was the ritual Thomas mentioned. 10 minutes later he stood up, and told us to follow him. We did.
Slowly I might add considering how both Thomas and Dante are crippled in one leg.

10 minutes later we were in a cab stand near Lux. I approached the nearest cab driver and asked

“We are looking for a pretty redhead. About 1.8 meters. Was last seen 3 days ago. We have been told that she used this particular cab stand. Can you help us?”

“I can’t help you but I think another driver can.” he said and then pulled out his phone and made a call.”Hey Franco, I have a man  and a few friends of his here asking for that crazy chick, sorry passenger, that you handled 3 days ago.”

“Tell him to wait, I will be there in a minute.” I heard the man reply.

About a minute or two later, this other driver came with his cab.

“Tell us all you know about that redhead.” I said looking straight to his eyes. [Dominate]

[Me/Bleda: Okay, roll.
Sarp: I botched
Me/Bleda: This is why you guys have willpower points you know? Use it sometimes damn it. *grins like a mad man*]

“Get the fuck out of my face dude.” the cab driver said and tried to push me away.

[Meanwhile Thomas was busy dominating the other cab driver to forget about us and the whole evening.]

Thomas intervened, “Calm down and and tell us what you know about the redhead.

Apparently his mastery was greater than mine because the second cab driver started talking.

“I don’t know much about her. She usually uses our cab services a few times a week. She must be a regular at the Lux or something. She was a bit more crazy than usual the other day but not much. She, like she usually does, asked me to drop her by the corner near her house. I can give you the address.” he said.

About 20 minutes we arrived. Dante started doing his his ritual thing again, damn Tremere, my sire always told me to not trust them and I think he was right. Well, Gabriel told me to work with Thomas and Dante and I will but I dont trust them, especially the Tremere, not any farther than I can kick or shoot them anyway.

“Déjà vu” I thought when Dante finally uttered the words “Follow me.” again 10 minutes later. As we followed him he took aa sharp turn to an alley  that had a sign said “Blind Alley” . Thomas turned to me and said “That’s unexpected, she should have gone 400 meters straight if she wanted to go home.”

At the end of the blind alley we saw the ghoul. She was impaled on some steel rods as if she was a macabre work of art. It had a certain beauty to it yet it was appalling at the same time. After looking at the grotesque “statue” and its surroundings for a minute Dante spoke “I think she was alive, deliberately kept alive at that, when this was done to her.”

[Me/Bleda: Alright, everyone roll a perception/awareness or alertness whichever is higher.]

I was reaching for my phone to call Gabriel and the Sheriff when I heard a noise behind us. Thomas and Dante were still too busy investigating the scene. I yelled a warning as I turned behind to see what caused ruckus only to be shot promptly.

Dante and I were shot, Thomas was fine. We were ambushed by three, judging from their outfits, Sabbat vampires. Two of them had uzi carbines. The other one was growing some kind of claws.

I looked at the one growing claws and hissed. He started running and then fell. Then got up and kept runnign.[Presence: Dread Gaze]

As they were reloading Dante conjured a ball of flame [Thaumaturgy: Lure of Flames] and one of the bastards with the uzis was just consumed by the fire.

Thomas, now ot limping curiously yet still holding on to his cane, calmly walked to the other vampire with the uzi as he shot Thomas again and again and again. Thomas kept walking as if it wasn’t bullets raining down on him and once he was close enough with a swift move decapitated the fool.

The one with the claws, the one that was running glanced back to see that both his friends were heaps of ash in the alley. Me and Dante were standing around like fools when tendrils of shadows erupted [Obtenebration] from a pool of darkness between Thomas and the remaining vampire and caught him promptly. We couldn’t even hear him scream as he was surrounded by that unnatural darkness that unsettled even me who killed his own brother once in cold blood.

Once the tendrils brought the last remainign close enough Thomas asked to Dante “Can you use your own cane to stake him?”

“Only if you gift me a cane like yours.”
[Sarp: What are those shadows? How much do I, as Pete, know about obtenebration/sabbat/lasombra?
Bleda: Roll me an int + occult and we will see.]

Thomas replied with a wolfish smile and turned towards me as I said “What the fuck was wrong with those shadows? Are you a damned Lasombra?”


Thomas turned to Pete, looked him in the eye, and spoke with absolute authority in his voice:

[Me/Bleda: What is your willpower Sarp?
Sarp: 7.
Me/bleda: *rolls some dice* 8 successes.]

“You have seen no unnatural darkness. I caught the third vampire with my preternatural speed alone. You will remember nothing about supernatural about my part of the fight besides my speed, strength and endurance nor will you remember me not limping. You won’t also remember talking to me after the fight. Now you will sleep briefly and wake up in about 5 minutes without noticing the time that went by” [Dominate: The Forgetful Mind]

He then turned towards me. “Dante, I know that like me you carry old blood in your veins and that such parlor tricks can not fog your memory. I will replace your cane with one similiar to mine if you think you can forget about certain… say, details, of tonight. Or I can explain Maximillian how you died so bravely.”

I have seen the fighting prowess of this man just now and I wasn’t sure if I could kill him before he killed him, so I swallowed the uncertainity in my gut and replied.

“I am sure we can work something out. After all a man like you and me can always use new friends.”

“Come visit me some time in Lux so we can toast to our new friendship.”

“I don’t think we should linger here any longer, this body shows all the signs of a ritual killing and we were just attacked by some shovelheads. I think my superiors should check the scene to see if it served an arcane purpose.”

Pete got up a few minutes later and seemed a bit confused but other than that he looked fine. He went back to the main street saying that there was no signal in this alley and that he had to call Gabriel and the Sheriff. I decided it was a good time to inform Maria. I called her and that whatever ritual was going on here I had no idea and that she should send someone better equipped than I to check it out.

End of Session.

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    • MorienneMontenegro says:

      If you enjoy newbie mistakes you will like the session 2 and 3 a lot.

      Pay attention to Pete Robbie a lot.


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