Session 1 – A Busy Night in Brussels – 21.11.15 – Part 1


Pete Robbie

I woke up to a beautiful night in Brussels, naked. After relaxing for a good 5 minutes in my bed, I started putting on one of my suits. In the end a busy man like me has to look good. I had just picked my phone up when I had this irresistible desire to go downtown. [A fancy way of saying he got Summoned.] We have our instincts and desires for a reason, who am I to resist them?

I live in a mansion (a villa really) about 30 minutes out of downtown. I went to my car, got in and just drove away. Half an hour later I found myself in front of a very luxurious apartment complex. I got out of my car and walked straight in. I was greeted by a servant that seemed uncannily British.

“Why am I here?” I muttered. “It is my Master’s will and he will answer your questions. Follow me.” the servant replied.

Well, I did drove 30 minutes to come here I might as well as meet his Master despite the weirdness of the situation. I followed him as he went to floor up in an elevator and found myself in a lobby that is usually found in movies and the houses of people who are too rich for their own good. This was the first thing I noticed, the second was the music.  The servant gestured towards the end of the lobby, the volume of the music got higher as I go closer. The doors at the end of the lobby opened themselves, which startled me a bit I must admit. I was looking at the back of a man, an older man, playing cello. Two more servants stepped out behinds the doors and gestured that I should wait for him to finish the piece. I only had to wait for a minute or two before  he was finished with his piece and one of the servants rushed and picked up his cello and carried it away, the man stood up and turned towards me.


“Welcome to my humble abode.” he said with an arrogant gleam in his eyes, I just knew he was like me, he carried the real vampire blood in his dead veins, a purebred Ventrue. “My apologies for summoning you here so suddenly, let me introduce myself. I am Gabriel Gerrard.” he continued. His name startled me, like all Ventrue that is worth the name I can recite my sireline, this man was my grandsire. “I see you have recognized who I am youngling, I am the maker of your sire, Arjen, and I have come here to find him.”

At this point I probably should mention that my sire, Arjen, has been missing for some time. Truth be told even tough I looked for him I did not look very hard. He was always very controlling and very hard on me and his absence proved to be a much appreciated relief. I suppose I now had to look for him a bit harder. Or a lot harder.

“I am delighted to finally make your acquaintance. How may I assist you?” I lied, I was honoured to meet him but definitely not happy about it in any conceivable way. The man who made my sire the way he is.. I was afraid to say the least.

“I have an appointment with the Prince and the Primogen Council tonight, I was hoping you would accompany me to the meeting.” Gabriel said.

What could I say? “It would be an honour.”

We got into the elevator together and went straight down to garage level where upon leaving the elevator our driver was already there in a limo and was holding the door for us.

Limo took us to a really fancy chinese restaurant to the north of the city. The general vicinity was devoid of people and outside the building there were tiny signs that said that the whole place was reserved for tonight. With no one being in sight, we hurried inside.

There was a very looooong table, almost like a conference table, surrounded by a lot of elegant chairs. There were already some figures sitting around. I could not help but notice a pink haired petite woman next to the Prince Biaggio whom I have never met before which I assumed to be the Sheriff judging from her (his?) posture.



I was working on the damn ritual they told me to work on, after all according to Maria my knowledge of not one but two rare paths were the only reason they cared to find and dig me up from my unintentional grave in the ruins of my previous chantry  in Italy 10 years ago, when I was interrupted by some young neonate that probably didn’t even deserve the title “apprentice” informed me that Maria was expecting me. I sighed, grabbed my cane and started my slow stroll (I have a limp that carried over to this immortal form of mine from my mortal shell) to her chambers.

*Knock* *Knock*

I am reasonably sure that she heard me coming to that peculiar and particular sound my cane makes each time I take a step, howeverI knocked the door first  anyway because expected or not, you do not open a door in the chantry without letting person inside  know that you are there, especially if it is Maria, the right hand of the Regent. That is, if you wish to keep your bodily appendages whole. Life or Unlife I had no intention of dying again.

“Come in.”

I opened the door and got in. There she was, sitting in front of her desk reading some ancient parchments.


“You have easier ways to contact me than sending a 3rd year apprentice to interrupt my work.” I said grumpily.

“I know but it is more fun this way. There is a meeting with the Prince Biaggio and Primogen Council tonight. I am unavailable and so is the Regent, as the third oldest Tremere in the Chantry you will go and represent us. If anything that is really important comes up, contact me. Any questions?” she ordered and gave me a piece of parchment with the meeting adress on it.

“No.” I nodded and then turned my back to her and started limping towards outside. This is going to be a long night.

I took one of the cars belonging to the Chantry and made my way to the adress I was given. I parked the car and looked around.It was nice restaurant, buildingwise anyway. There were a other cars and some limos parked around as well.  Just as I left my car and started limping towards the entry another limo (judging from the sound) arrived. What surprised me was the other limping sound that came from that direction. I only knew one other vampire who limped in this town.

“This must be Thomas, owner of the Lux.” I thought.

“It has been a while since we’ve last met Thomas. How are you?” I said.

“I am doing just fine and so is the Lux. It took some work but it has truly become the neutral ground I wished it to be. What about you? Still buried in your books?” he replied.

“I was before I had to come here. Speaking of which, why are you here?” I asked.

“Apparently Malkavian Primogen has a… problem. More so than usual, I was told. I am simply here to see if I can earn some favors.” Thomas said.

“How very typical of you. Shall we enter?” I said.

“Oh, yes please.” Thomas replied.

Pete Robbie and Dante

One, no, two sets of sounds belonging to canes caught my attention. I (Pete) turned my head to see two figures limping and using canes enter the restaurant, one was wearing the robes of Tremere, had long dirty hair and an unremarkable, no a dirty face but had eyes that gleamed with a sinister intellect. The tremere I did not know. The other one which I knew by his reputation, Thomas the proprietor of the Lux club, was quite the opposite. Slightly tall, dark hair, no facial hair and was a custom tailored suit that look quite exquisite.

They quietly sat down and as if this was his cue the Prince Biaggio stood up and started talking.


“Welcome dear Kindred and thank you for answering this rather.. abrupt meeting. We have several issues to discuss tonight. One of them is the increasing Sabbat activity. Another issue is that Malkavian Primogen, Ambrosia, has a prob—

“I WANT MY GHOUL BACK.” Ambrosia, the seemingly 9 year old Malkavian Primogen screamed.

“That is one way to put it.” The Prince said calmly as if his speech wasn’t intterrupted at all and continued “I believe she demands some priority is given to this matter. Right my dear?”

“Yes.” she said apologetically.

“Before we move on to the other issues at hand I was hoping for some volunteers to investigate this matter.” The Prince said.

Vampires in the room looked at each other rather nervously after all who in his right mind would like to involve him or herself with Malkavians?

Suddenly Dante seemed focus on elsewhere even though Pete did not noticed it. While they both pondered the situation at hand..

“I will gladly search for your missing ghoul Ambrosia.” Thomas said.

A moment later another reply was heard.

“Clan Tremere is always here to help.” said Dante with renewed focus.

It was at this point Pete realized that Gabriel was looking at him with intense eyes as if trying to tell him he should volunteer as well. Surely involving yourself with Malkavians is dangerous but their oracular abilities could come handy while searching for Arjen. At the same time Ambrosia was having a manic bout.

“I wanT mY GHOul.” with a weird inflection she said.

“I want MY ghoul.” she continued.

Pete might have missed his chance a moment ago but he knew how to make amends when opportunity presented itself.

“Ambrosia, listen.” he yelled so that he could be heard among her tantrum, “Why don’t you and I go outside and play as this nice gentlemen look for your ghoul? Is that OK?”

“Play?” she replied with slight confusion, she seemingly forgot the tantrum she was throwing.

“Yes let’s go outside and play.”

Pete held her hand and led her to the exit.

Inside the Restaurant

“Now that this is settled, let us continue. Dante, Thomas follow my Sheriff, he will inform you.” The Prince said.

Dante and Thomas, two crippled vampires, slowly but steadily rose from their seats and followed the pink haired woman (but the Prince called him a “he”?) to a smaller VIP suite nearby as the Prince continued “Before we move on to the increasing Sabbat activity in the city Gabriel here wishes to introduce himself.”

Pink haired Sheriff spoke with an extremely bass male voice “I am glad two competent people volunteered for this otherwise I would have to look in to this myself and I have more pressing concerns.” as he gave two identical folders to Dante and Thomas.

“Inside these files you will find information about the missing ghouls. The ghouls of that wacko is not the only one that is missing. It might related to the Sabbat activity, it might be something else.” Sheriff continued.

“Wait a second,” Thomas interjected “This says that Ambrosia’s ghouls was last seen leaving my club.”

The Sheriff laughed and added.”Ain’t that all the more reason to find what happened to her ghoul ASAP? A grumpy primogen is bad, a grumpy Malkavian Primogen is even worse. I guarantee you, and I am speaking from experience, you don’t want Ambrosia mad at you.”

“I expect you two to start investigating tonight. Any objections?” he asked.

Both Dante and Thomas replied with silence.

“In that case you may leave, my number is also in the files  I have given you, call me once you know more.” the Sheriff said.

“So,” Thomas said, “When was the last time you have seen my club Dante?”


“So Ambrosia what do you want to play?” asked Pete.

“I love playing hide and seek.” she replied.

“I will be the It then.” and started counting.

[Bleda: Sarp go roll me a willpower please.
Sarp: Double botch.
Bleda: *grins like a mad man*]

When Pete opened his eyes what he found was not what he expected. Ambrosia wasn’t hiding. There were multiple Ambrosias running around.

“Hide and seek sucks,” said one of them

“Catch me if you can” said another,

“Me too” another added behind Pete’s back.

[Sarp: Okay, I don’t want to anger her so I am just gonna do this the old way and try to catch every single of them one by one.
Bleda: Start rolling then. ]

About an hour later (ingame) , Pete finally caught the real one and the game was over which coincided with the end of the meeting. A blonde guy seemingly in his 20’ies  came and picked Ambrosia up and drove her away. Afterwards Gabriel l approached Pete.

“It is important that we earn the trust of this Primogen. I am told that despite her antics she quite capable as a seer. I managed to convince Biaggio and the Sheriff to include you in the mission to find her ghoul as well. I had them text you the adress join the other too Thomas and Dante there.” Gabriel said with absolute authority.

Pete got into his car, checked his phone for the adress and just drove to downton. 20 minutes later he was in front of a very luxurious nightclub, The Lux. He cursed himself for not recognizing the adress, after all he frequented this place a few times before.

As a result he knew the general structure. The Lux had 5 floors. Even though all floors were connected via elevators the first three had their individual entrances outside. The first floor was a pub. The second floor was catered towards the youth that liked to “club”, it was more down to earth compared to the third floor which was a hyper-lux nightclub catered towards more influential and richer clientele. The fourth floor was the real deal though . It was a jazz/blues bar that served only supernaturals and even though there are rumours about how it came to be that way, it was a neutral ground for almost every single major or minor supernatural faction in the city. The only part of it Pete yet to see until that night, was the fifth floor where Thomas, who was in the business of exchanging favours and information lived reportedly.

Continued in Part 2.

3 thoughts on “Session 1 – A Busy Night in Brussels – 21.11.15 – Part 1

  1. Looks great so far! I laughed pretty hard to see that Max is the Regent of this Chantry too, hope he fares better here. 😉 Also your young Malkavian vampire actually acting her age is pretty freaky, not gonna lie 🙂


      • MorienneMontenegro says:

        I am glad you liked it. I always wondered why you haven’t done it. (though my guess is that you are using free wordpress as well and the limited storage provided by WP just discouraged you)
        It is kinda funny that I had this idea for months but did not make it into a reality till I was bed stricken with high fever. It is still a work in progress but I hope that in the coming weeks it will become better.

        Also editing possa myself made me realize how hard it actually is. I now appreciate you and sfvampires a lot more.


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