Session 1 – A Busy Night in Brussels – 21.11.15 – Part 2

Part 1 can be found here…

Pete Robbie, just outside the Lux, continued …

I entered the first floor of Lux that served as a pub and went one level up using the elevator to the part of that the club-going youth frequented. Even though I intended to go to the 4th floor I was hungry a bit and I always liked to mix business with pleasure. A particularly pretty blonde by the bar piqued my interest.

[Kutalp and Sarp: WTF is this shit.
Me/Bleda: Actually decent club music?
Kutalp and Sarp: No.
Me/Bleda. Go f*** yourselves.]

The background music was pretty awesome.

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Session 1 – A Busy Night in Brussels – 21.11.15 – Part 1


Pete Robbie

I woke up to a beautiful night in Brussels, naked. After relaxing for a good 5 minutes in my bed, I started putting on one of my suits. In the end a busy man like me has to look good. I had just picked my phone up when I had this irresistible desire to go downtown. [A fancy way of saying he got Summoned.] We have our instincts and desires for a reason, who am I to resist them?

I live in a mansion (a villa really) about 30 minutes out of downtown. I went to my car, got in and just drove away. Half an hour later I found myself in front of a very luxurious apartment complex. I got out of my car and walked straight in. I was greeted by a servant that seemed uncannily British.

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